Search Engine Optimization

Is SEO still relivant?

Is SEO dead or alive?

Business owners seeking to gain a better online marketing position, usually had one option, to rethink their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy by adjusting meta keywords, description and title tags. Google has changed its search algorithm impacting your websits search engine optimization tactics and ranking position. In past years, Google's shaky algorithm allowed for unethical Search Engine Optimization practices such as spamming, keyword stuffing, and low-quality content with targeted links boosting traffic.

Search engines change for the better

Google's new search algorithm evolved by changing the way search rankings are measured. Now, such practices will no longer move you to the front of the line but penalize websites that use these methods because it does not offer real value to searchers. Google new algorithm made it more difficult and forces businesses to play fair, leveling the playing field. The update places value on high-quality content, site's mobile compatibility, relevant context and semantics within each page.

What do we think, dead or alive?

We agree with Sam McRoberts that the answer really depends on how you define SEO. If, when you say SEO, what you really mean is manipulating search engines to place sites that don't really deserve to rank well at the top of the SERPs...then yes, we would say that it's dead or dying at least. even tho, SEO does work to game the system, that's not a correct definition of SEO. Because we so often use the SEO acronym, we forget that at its heart, is the process of making websites more accessible and understandable to search engines. It shouldn't be and really doesn't need to be, manipulative. Search engine optimization in its correct definition is very much alive.

As long as search engines are still up and running, SEO will be also and we don’t think search engines are going anywhere. Optimizing is valuable and relevant, especially in the technologically advancing era of today. If you’ve read this article and you realize that you need some help making SEO better for your business, we can help! 360 Web Solutions deals with Search Engine Optimization, website design, marketing, social media, printing, and more.

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Posted by Dwayne: April 17, 2017